Establishing Business in Kahramanmaraş

Investor Guide

Advantages of the Industry Sector

  • Sectoral experience, strong commercial partnership opportunities
  • Skilled and inexpensive work force
  • Proximity to emerging markets, such as Middle East.
  • Proximity to major transportation networks
  • Government  support and incentives, financial support programs, carried out by DOĞAKA on regional basis
  • Production and trade of handicrafts
  • Existence of the University

Advantages of Agriculture and Livestock Industry

  • Presence of region-specific products (Red pepper, grape, walnut, apricot and gherkin)
  • Greenhouse cultivation potential
  • Favourable climate conditions for agriculture and livestock breeding (Milk and dairy products, apiculture, olive cultivation activities, production of apple and cherry)
  • Irrigable agricultural lands
  • Presence of agro-industries (Milk- ice cream, pepper-pepper paste, peanut – peanut butter, tarhana, sunflower seed)
  • Presence of aromatic plants

Advantages of the Tourism Sector

  • Potential for cultural and nature tourism
  • Rich Geothermal Sources
  • Richness of Flora
  • Faith tourism infrastructure
  • Regional Cuisine Culture
  • Government support and incentives for tourism

Advantages of Energy and Mining Sector

  • Potential for Hydroelectric Power and Renewable Energy
  • Thermal Power Plants and Raw Materials
  • Utilization of Waste Energy in Agriculture/Greenhousing
  • Situated at the transit point of Energy Transmission Lines
Kahramanmaraş Investment Support Office

Yenişehir Mah. 74002. Sokak Bina No:3 46100 Dulkadiroğlu Kahramanmaraş

DOĞAKA Support Line

0344 231 14 17