Food Sector

There are about 180 companies operating in food sector, another prominent sector. Ice-cream and pepper are prominent sub-sectors at both national and international levels, contributing to the economy and the promotion of the province considerably.

Kahramanmaras is the city, where traditional tastes turn into food industry.

Because of the fact that it has its own unique flavour as well as being a regional product, Kahramanmaras ice-cream is a dairy product, which is consumed by domestic and foreign consumers in different cultures with great admiration, Although production of Kahramanmaras ice-cream differs depending on the consumer’s demand and the market, an average of 5, 000 tons are produced annually.  
Kahramanmaras ice-cream has been greatly influenced by industrialization. In parallel with the increasing demand, it has begun to slide from small-scale ice-cream production to large-scale businesses having integrated facilities, producing branded products whose reputation has exceeded the province’s and country’s borders.

Red Pepper
Kahramanmaras, which ranks 28th rank in Turkey in terms of agricultural potential, stands out with production and industry of “Maras Pepper”. Red pepper farming and pepper businesses have formed a natural cluster by concentrating in the city center and in the Pazarcık and Turkoglu districts. There are approximately 70 companies, active in the pepper sector in the province of Kahramanmaras. In line with the development of the sector and the realization of branding in the sector, Kahramanmaras Chamber of Commerce and Industry conducts works for the purpose of including in the geographical indication and accreditation of the red pepper.

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