Textile Sector

Kahramanmaras is among the most developed provinces in textile industry in Turkey.

There are about 250 companies in the sector, in which approximately 26 thousand people are employed. 5 of these companies are among the 500 largest companies in Turkey (ISO 500, 2011). Producers in the textile sector in which there are such sub-sectors as yarn, weaving, knitting, ready to wear and dyeing-bleaching, have reached high-quality manufacturing standards, capable of competing in international markets. The sector made R&D investments in the province with the incentives it has received and integrated manufacturing facilities have been established. 

The fact that 26% of yarn and 10% of woven fabric, produced in Turkey are produced in Kahramanmaras, indicates that he province is developed in terms of textile.

Kahramanmaraş Investment Support Office

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