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Economic structure of Kahramanmaras developed based on agriculture, stockbreeding and small handicraft activities after the establishment of the Republic, until the 1980s. Initially, agriculture was the leading sector of the economy owing to its geographical position as well as its suitable climate for farming.

After 1984, when Kahramanmaras ranked among the prominent cities in development, important investments for the textile industry were made with the incentives given to the province. The sectors, which have benefited the most from the incentives are the textile and food industries. 

Metal kitchen utensils sector, an extension of aluminium work and coppersmith from the past, received its share from the same trend of industrialization considerably. Therefore, metal kitchen utensils sector is the second important sector after the textile industry. 

Certain products in the agriculture and food sectors reached the highest level of production in Turkey. Powdered and flaked red pepper production, among the agriculture based sectors, have a tendency to develop in parallel with industrialization. Ice-cream sector, which contributed to the reputation of our city in the country is among the fastest growing sectors. Kahramanmaras ice-cream was influenced greatly by industrialization, have gone beyond the borders of our country and started to spread, especially in countries nearby and USA, then to countries all over the world. In terms of branding, the sector showed a more different tendency than the city's other sub-industry branches. The sector, which played a major role in the promotion of the city, becomes prominent with the brands, whose reputation extends beyond the domestic borders.

Our province, which hosts integrated investments of region's industrialists in areas other than the above-mentioned sectors, such as paper and cement, thanks to the advantages it has been offering in the last few years, has started to be among the alternative places in the investment decisions of well-known brands, especially in the food sector.

In general; the sectors, which shape the economy of Kahramanmaras and provide dynamism, are textile, metal kitchen utensils, food, paper industries and jewellery.

Sectors Number of Companies
Textile and Apparel 271
Food 163
Building 105
Kitchen Utensils 77
Timber and Plastics 35
Milk and Dairy Products 28
Agricultural Production 28
Paper and Packaging 18
Other 303
TOTAL 1.028
Source: Kahramanmaraş Ticaret ve Sanayi Odası, 2012

In our province, where the textile, food, mining and metal ware sectors are prominent, when the industry of Kahramanmaras is examined by taking into consideration the Industrial Registry records, it can be seen that 63% of the employment is in the textile sector.  Industrial Registry Inventory of K.Maraş

Sector Company The Number of Employees
Textile 225 25886
Food 175 4008
Mining 81 3528
Metal ware 86 2739
Energy 11 804
Chemistry (Petroleum, Rubber, Plastics) 35 704
Cement 6 657
Main Metal Industry 38 643
Furniture 29 603
Paper 6 502
Machinery and Equipment 25 304
Glass and other Building Materials 13 275
Packaging, Printing and Publishing 6 253
Total 736 40906

Kahramanmaras is taking firm steps forward with its existing sectors and potential investment areas. When 3.768.000.000 TL of total fixed investment, planned with 232 investment incentive certificates, prepared between 2009 and 2012, is achieved, approximately 7.600 people will be provided with employment opportunities.

Sectoral Distribution of Total Investment Incentive Certificates of Kahramanmaras Province in 2009-2012

Sector Number of Documents Amount of Investment Amount(Million TL) Employment
Textile 140 2.825 4890
Paper 5 576 304
Energy 22 486 280
Cement 13 210 350
Food 14 117 678
Rubber- Plastic 10 110 214
Turizm 16 98 460
Services 23 95 1100
Metal 24 85 810
Mining 14 49 244
Agriculture and Stockbreeding 5 28 117
Other 28 76 917
Toplam 320 4.790 10.500
Source: Ministry of Economy
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